Digital Certificate of Authenticity

Digital Certificate of Authenticity

At Mahajati, we are a brand dedicated to preserve and extend the Islamic cultural legacy through art. Every Art we produce is handmade, unique in every way and only produced in limited quantities.

We therefore find it fitting to offer Digital Certificate of Authenticity (DCOA) to protect our customers from copies, authenticate our work and identify ownership of the physical Mahajati Art.

Mahajati DCOAs are unique and identifiable by serial number associated to the physical Art we produce. The physical Mahajati art therefore serves as the underlying physical commodity for every DCOA we issue.


Digital Certificate Blockchain Registered by Mahajati
Simply Tap Your Smartphone on Mahajati DCOA Tag

Through blockchain technology, Mahajati DCOAs can be publicly verified without compromising the privacy of owners, buyers and sellers. Each blockchain record is tamper-proof with entry timestamps securely and permanently recorded. The combination of security, transparency and anonymity provided by the blockchain enables the certification and verification of data without the risk of corruption, loss or expiry in protecting product authenticity and ownership.

Once the DCOAs are issued to you, it can never be changed, manipulated or tampered by anyone else, including us. The existing product owner or custodian may only make notes, set status (public or private) or reassign ownership, but can never change product details that are unique and specific to the Art. Product authenticity and ownership on the blockchain record can be made verifiable by anyone, if made publicly-visible by the existing owner. All these attributes makes the technology reliable, authentic and true without any bias. 


Mahajati Digital Certificate of Authenticity
Blockchain Registered Digital Certificate of Authenticity


Mahajati DCOAs will initially be issued to only a select list of products and expanded gradually over time. As our processes mature, we intend to even go as far as record production milestones on our DCOAs to document the making of your Mahajati Art. We hope that our efforts will be a value-add for our ardent followers and collectors of our work.


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