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Hello Instagram Followers!
To thank you for your continued support, I have collaborated with Mahajati to extend a special 10% discount for you through August 31, 2020.

Steps to enjoy your 10% special discount:
1. After adding products to shopping cart, click on checkout button.
2. On checkout page, click on summary to enter promo code "manal-mahajati".
3. Once the 10% discount applied, complete your order.
4. Remember to use your discount before 31 August, 2020

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Enjoy free shipping to any location in the world for all products featured on Shipping only charged on custom order requests.

Art with Purpose

Our Art is produced with the intent of preserving a traditional woodworking craft that has been honed and passed down from parent to child over generations.

100% Handmade

Mahajati art is entirely made by the hands of our artisans. Every Art produced is inherently unique and truly deserving of your home.

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