Our Craft - Mahajati

Hand woodworking is in itself an art that requires uncompromising patience and painstaking attention to details.

Our hand-carving technique is an age-old tradition passed down from parent to child over generations. Each generation looking to perfect the craft and pushing boundaries of what is possible. The uncompromising and relentless pursuit of perfection is what best describe our craft. We set a very high standard for ourselves and compromise is not an option.

By definition, the principle of "Insha'Allah" requires one to attempt the very best of our abilities while submitting to the will of God.

It is this pursuit of near-perfection that maintains our quality. Our Artisans are willing to devote their lives to the single minded pursuit of unattainable perfection and quality. Without this relentless pursuit of an unreachable pinnacle, they feel no better than average.

The intricate overlapping calligraphy can only be carved in a very specific way; the result is the sum of tiny details that most would wood artisans may miss. However, it is in these small details that makes the world of difference. The unflinching desire to create the best Art for our customers is what sets the ancestral artisans apart.

Our handmade Art had to be made from wood of a particular grade, shape, size and uniformity of color, with attention to its grain pattern, and jointed together painstakingly. Each Art takes weeks if not months to produce; painful test of patience, yet necessary.

In a world filled with machines, this may sound mad, but while many may brush off these little details, there exist the few that appreciate true quality.

Our craft may not be for all. Most in our industry are all too eager to cut corners, take the easy way and get things done quickly - this is not our path.

So Insha'Allah (By God's Will), the near-perfect creations we create for our customers shall keep driving us forward - for there is no better honor to have our work appreciated and displayed in their homes.

We want to show that there is beauty in tradition, there is beauty in culture and there is beauty in Islam.

For those who strive and seek excellence, those small painstaking details do matter, Insha'Allah.

This is our journey - This is Mahajati.