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Digital Certificate of Authenticity

At Mahajati, we are a brand dedicated to preserve and extend the Islamic cultural legacy through art. Every Art we produce is handmade and unique in every way. So as we look for ways to protect our customers from fakes and authenticate our work, we look for solutions that could achieve this in a trust-less and tamper-proof way. As such, we are excited to announce that we will embrace blockchain technology to authenticate Mahajati Art.

Mahajati now offers Digital Certificate of Authenticity (DCOA). However, due to the labor intensive task of having to properly document and issue DCOAs, these will initially only be issued for a very small selection of our products. The Mahajati DCOAs are unique and identifiable via serial number and product details specific to each physical Mahajati Art. Mahajati uses blockchain technology to issue these permanent certificates that can be publicly verified while protecting the privacy of owners, buyers and sellers.

Our DCOAs are securely registered on the Bitcoin blockchain and allows for ownership to be verifiable on a public ledger. Once the certificates are issued to you, it can never be changed, manipulated or tampered by anyone else, including us. The existing owner can make notes or reassign ownership, but can never change product details that are unique and specific to the Art. Our digital certificates are securely stored on the blockchain, and can be set to private or public status. You never ever have to worry about losing your certificate as it resides online. All records such as product authenticity, product details, photos, serial numbers, transfer of ownership and proof of existing ownership are permanently registered throughout the product life.

These digitally issued certificates may also facilitate the trading of our Art on independent marketplaces without requiring a physical transfer of our Art. An example is to store an Art in a physical vault while ownership to the Art is traded digitally via the blockchain. Product authenticity and ownership on the blockchain record can be made verifiable by anyone if made publicly-visible by the existing owner. However, the identity of key parties and transactional details can be kept out of public view.

Blockchain technology lets us create permanent certificates that can be publicly verified while still protecting the privacy of owners, buyers and sellers. Each blockchain record is tamper-proof which ensures your certificate timestamps are securely and permanently recorded. The combination of security, transparency and anonymity provided by the blockchain enables the certification and verification of your data without the risk of corruption, loss or expiry in protecting product authenticity and ownership.

Please note that once issued, certificates of authenticity are final and tamper-proof. We are not able to make any changes to the blockchain record once it is issued to the new owner. This makes the technology trust-less, authentic and true without any bias from the creator. Our digital certificates of authenticity are intended to serve as a digital proof of ownership of the physical Mahajati Art that you purchase.

Over time, as our processes mature, we intend to even go as far as record production milestones on our DCOAs to document the making of your Mahajati Art. We hope that our efforts will be a value-add for our ardent followers and collectors of our work. We provide non-fungible digital certificates of authenticity registered on blockchain. This allows ownership to be traded digitally while the Art is stored independently in a vault. Our digital Certificate of Authenticity is tamper-proof with the physical art we create serving as the underlying physical commodity.

Every piece of Art we produce is unique and cannot be swapped out for another. Similarly, every digital certificate of authenticity we issue is non-fungible and tied to our unique physical product that is made by hand and distinctly unique from another seemingly similar product. Not everyone can own Mahajati Art in their home, but one can certainly appreciate the process that was involved in crafting these beautiful intricate masterpieces. In the future, perhaps DCOAs may even pave the way for partial ownerships of our Art that are produced in very limited quantities.

- Mahajati Full 3D Ayatul Kursi -

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