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3 Dimensional Wood Carving

Hand drawn calligraphy on canvas or paper, wood calligraphy requires letters to be connected end-to-end such that there are no separation between letters.
CNC machines cut wood in a single gradient. Typically, CNC machines "cut holes" in wood in a single direction producing 2-dimensional pieces. While high-end CNC are capable of multi-directional cutting of intricate shapes, they are still not able to produce 3-dimensional calligraphy in wood.
Mahajati Art is produced entirely by our hands and the result is 3-dimensional art with varying gradients and overlapping depth detailing between letters.
Unlike work produced from CNC machines that produce identical exact copies, every Art we produce is guaranteed unique as it is impossible to produce identical Art with our hands.
Our 3-Dimensional Art consists of either the Semi 3D or Full 3D variation and they are visually different.
The Semi 3D calligraphic carving style can be identified from its wider or thicker letters. Individual letters are intertwined into one another to form verses.
 The Full 3D calligraphic carving style can be identified from its narrow or thinner letters. Individual letters are much intricate and overlap one another at varying sectional gradients to form verses. This hand-carving style requires a high level of skill and is time consuming to produce.

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