Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install my Wall Art

Why do the product price keep changing?

Our products are priced in US Dollars.

The product pricing and currency you see are based on your geographic region (or IP address), and is only intended for your visual reference. Therefore, product prices shown in your local currency may fluctuate based on current exchange rates.

Can I return a purchase?

Unless you received a defective or damaged product, all sales are final. 

Every piece we produce are handmade with unique variations in appearance due the inherent nature of the wood grain and finish. Please understand that we cannot accept returns for unavoidable variations in handmade art that is made for you and never resold.

How do I return a damaged product?

You may only return a product that you received damaged.

To be eligible for a refund or exchange, send us a picture of the damaged product at point of receipt via email ( or WhatsApp (+65-8223-3536) for further instructions. Your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

To complete your refund or exchange, we will require a receipt or proof of purchase.

Why do I have to pay import duty and taxes?

Depending on where you live, you probably have to pay sales taxes for what you purchase. Import duty and tax are a form of sales tax that you pay to your local government when you buy items.

For some countries, when you buy locally, sales taxes may already be included in the product price that you pay. Since we ship internationally and taxes vary depending on the country we ship to, we do not include import duties and taxes in our pricing. Final import duties and taxes shall be determined by your local customs and billed directly to you.

Can I place a custom order?


Contact us and let us know what you need.

Please note that all orders has to be paid in full prior to delivery with no exceptions.

We do not offer any credit terms.

Can I get exclusivity for my custom product?

Exclusivity shall only apply to the specific combination of design, motif and shape. Mahajati shall not grant exclusivity rights to general shapes, sizes, colors, design, motifs and/or Quranic verses. Mahajati shall not grant exclusivity for product/s already available in

Exclusivity shall only be applied to a specific territory and minimum quantities shall apply accordingly; Minimum quantity of xxx-pieces upfront/monthly/quarterly/bi-annually/annually, per product for territory of city, state, country. Within the period of exclusivity, Mahajati shall not reproduce exclusive product/s of varying size and/or color without the Agent’s written approval. The exclusivity terms shall be valid and effective for a period of twelve (12) calendar months and may thereafter be renewed on an annual basis on terms and conditions to be agreed unless earlier terminated in writing and shall be subject to review and further terms and conditions from time to time whenever necessary. Agent shall provide orthographic drawings prior to production of sample/s. Alternatively, orthographic drawings that are produced by Mahajati shall be the property of Mahajati. Development of sample is chargeable prior to commencement of work. Costs of producing samples are typically higher than actual purchasing price.Design changes are not allowed after commencement of production. Any design changes mid-stream of production shall be at the discretion of Mahajati. Agent shall provide Mahajati with the suggested retail price within territory of exclusivity. Agent buying price is defined as the cost of product inclusive of shipping, but exclude import taxes and duties. Profit is defined as the difference between Agent's suggested retail price and Agent's buying price, less import taxes, duties and any additional discounts to customer, where applicable. At the discretion of Mahajati, exclusive product/s may be jointly promoted and sold by Mahajati at Agent suggested retail price, less import tax and duties. At Mahajati's discretion, exclusive product/s sold by Agent to customers outside an Agent's territory of exclusivity shall be fulfilled directly by Mahajati. Mahajati shall pay Agent xx% commission on Profit. At Mahajati's discretion, exclusive product/s sold by Mahajati to customers within an Agent's territory of exclusivity shall be fulfilled directly by Agent. Mahajati shall pay Agent xx% commission on Profit. At Mahajati's discretion, exclusive product/s sold by Mahajati to customers outside an Agent's territory of exclusivity shall be fulfilled directly by Mahajati. Mahajati shall not pay commission to Agent. All products shall be sold with Mahajati packaging and brand identity. Co-branding for exclusive product/s is permitted. Placement of Agent logo shall require approval from Mahajati. Standard lead time for each particular product may vary and shall be provided by Mahajati to the Agent prior to commencement of exclusivity terms. Rush orders over reduced lead times shall incur additional overtime surcharges.All prices include delivery. Agent liable for additional shipping charges due to peak times, rush charges or unforeseen global events. Agent shall always display the Mahajati logo on all media (physical and online) with relation to product/s with Mahajati. Agent shall be responsible for coordinating social media postings of exclusive product/s.

Can I still buy products that are out of stock on your website?

Yes. Products that are out-of-stock will show a "Pre-Order Now" button instead of "Add To Cart".

Please note that production lead times (time required to make the product) vary. Refer to "Product Lead Time" on product page of respective products.

Why is my payment declined? How do I pay?

We accept prepaid, debit, or credit card payments provided by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Alternative payment methods:

1. Choose "PayPal" to pay with your PayPal account or local cards.

2. Click on "Chat Icon" on the left bottom corner of your screen to start chat and request bank transfer details.

Payments fail because they are declined by your Issuing Bank.

Approval comes from your bank and not from our payment gateway.

If your bank blocks the transaction, there is nothing we can do.

Banks typically block online payments above a certain value.

How to fix "failed" payments:

1. For debit cards, you need to authorise online international purchase with your bank. Call the bank to notify them of payment so it does not get blocked for fraudulent activity.

2. For prepaid cards, you need to register your prepaid card AND address with the card issuer. By default, online payments are blocked on prepaid cards.

3. Make sure that your registered address, email and card CVC are accurate to avoid a "fraud block" by your bank.

I missed a promotional offer. Can you give me a discount?

Our apologies - Promotions are run only on specific events within a limited time period.
We cannot honour a discount or specific promotional offer when it has expired.

Can I use more than 1 promo code on a single order?

No - promo codes cannot be combined. You may only apply 1 promo code at a time.

How do you calculate shipping costs?

At present, we offer free shipping worldwide for all items listed on our website.

Who do you use to ship?

At present, we ship using FEDEX or DHL with tracking capability so you can monitor status of product delivery.

What is shipping status of my product?

You may check the shipping status in one(1) of two(2) ways:

1. Once your order is shipped, we will send you an email to notify you of shipment status. Find this email in your inbox and click on the shipping tracking number link to view your shipping status.

2. Go to Here to access Mahajati Shipment Tracking webpage. Enter in your order number or tracking number into input box and click "Track" button. Note: Look for your order number or tracking number in your order confirmation email.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most location in the world.

Additionally, retail prices for products listed on our website already includes shipping.

Import taxes and duties in the receiving country are excluded.

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