Discover Mahajati's Handmade Art Process

Every Mahajati art piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, highlighting our commitment to perfection. The process takes weeks to months for each piece, ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully perfected, creating truly unique and timeless creations.

Stage 1: Handwritten Calligraphy

Our 3D wood art begins with calligraphy that is specifically hand drawn for 3-dimensional wood carving. Unlike 2-dimensional calligraphy art on canvas, calligraphy for hand-carving requires letters to be inter-connected end-to-end such that there are no separation or breaks between them. There are multiple connection points between letters so that they are not "floating", but strategically supported within the design.

Stage 2: Wood Shaping & Lathing

The initial step of shaping the wood starts with our master wood turner, then followed with further refinement manually by hand.

Stage 3: Wood Scrolling

The art of drilling marks and cutting the wood in intricate curves following the desired drawing. 

Stage 4: Wood Carving

Mahajati cherishes our talented master calligraphers who have spent their lives mastering the art of wood carving. Only through their skillful hands we can achieve 'art' with curves and shapes that no machine can replicate. 

Stage 5: Manual Hand Sanding

Customised sanding tool is guided through to sand the small and tight spaces. Our craftsmen put extra attention down to the smallest details. 

Stage 6: Painting & Finishing

Finally the finishing step of spray painting or oil color painting is put in place.

Stage 7: Final Product Inspection & Detailing

Our quality control department checks all finished arts. Only those pass the quality control check, will the Mahajati brand be engraved on them.

4 Qul Wall Art, Islamic Decor

Stage 8: Decorate

The Mahajati art is ready to beautify any homes or offices worldwide.