About Us

Mahajati is an Islamic wood carving art manufacturer done in a traditional way dated back from the mid centuries.

This intricate art has been passed down from master craftsman father to child for several generations. With the passage of time, this highly sought-after craft was slowly dying as the world shifted to mass-produced machine-made art. At Mahajati, not only do we intend to preserve this unique art but we also aim to continue to craft this heritage.

Our Story

The origins of the relationship between the Founder and the Artisans began while searching for an eloquent gift for his mother’s 67thbirthday. Being someone who is not easily contented with machine made mass produced gifts, the Founder decided to produce a bespoke wood carving of Ayatul Kursi with a group of Artisans. The design is etched into an impeccable grade of wood. The circular twirling verses written in Islamic calligraphy draw the eyes toward the multiplicity of the design. The intention was to find a gift from a son to his mother, which eventually became Mahajati. A priceless gift from a mother to her son instead.

The first Art produced in 2017 - A 67th birthday gift for the Mother of the Founder.


For the Artisans of Mahajati, creating a piece of bespoke art for you is a relentless pursuit of perfection. The journey to becoming a master-craftsman starts at an early age when the child begins to observe his father's dedication in the workshop. As the child enters adulthood, the master craftsmen will teach the apprentice the lifelong pursuit of perfecting the delicate art of wood carving.

Tradition and Innovation

Headquartered in Singapore, Mahajati is a family-owned independent woodworking manufacturer with a vertically integrated production facility in Central Java, Indonesia. Our Artisans work within a multi-talented team of specialists in their respective fields. This allows us to harmoniously blend traditional art with the latest innovations. The result is the creation of fine quality bespoke art for our global clients. Each development aspect is produced, finished and assembled in-house with the highest level of quality control. This proficiency embodies each wood carving art during its entire lifetime. 

Producing Calligraphy Art by Hand - One Piece at a Time

For Connoisseurs

The art produced by Mahajati has developed a respectable reputation among connoisseurs. Our reputation has led to requests for bespoke art from high-net-worth international clients, museums, banks, government offices and has even led to an exceptional project for a Presidential Palace.

The process of creating a piece of Mahajati Art takes, at minimum, a few months to over a year to complete. It is understood that skilled craftsmanship and fine quality cannot be rushed or compromised.

We at Mahajati are very thankful for your support and contributions towards preserving this woodworking tradition for our generation and beyond.