Full 3D Relief - 130cm x 75cm


Surah Al-Ahzab takes its name from the mention of the parties who formed an alliance among the Quraysh and other tribes and fought early Muslims at the Battle of the Trench, also known as the Battle of the Parties and as the Siege of Medina. This surah describes the Battle of the Trench to remind believers the mercy and power of Allah since Allah made the various tribes who attacked leave Medina. This surah concerns legal matters in Islamic society and generally contains rules and regulations for the believers to follow.

3-Dimensional Oil-Painted Art

This 3-dimensional wood carving is made entirely by our hands from a single piece of wood and has intricate textured details of leaves, flowers and branches carefully hand-carved in a detailed layering process that allows each element to appear to stand freely. Its natural oil-based painting makes it one of the rarest and most eye-catching pieces of art we have in our Islamic collection.

Relief Calligraphy

This calligraphy of Surah Al-Ahzab is handmade via a technique known as relief carving. The process involves removing wood from a flat teak wood panel such that the calligraphic art appears to rise out of the wood. As wood is removed from the teak wood panel, the Ayat is raised from the background wood, and projects out slightly from the background. The relief carving of Surah Al-Ahzab is shown concealed behind trees, branches and flowers.

Modern Frame

Measuring 130cm (length) by 75cm (height), the hand-carved 3 dimensional wood art of Surah Al-Ahzab takes six months to complete and includes a modern walnut finished frame. This very large piece of hand-carved art will be a great compliment to your home, office or for a gift for special occasions. Ideal for placement in your living room or office.