Asmaul Husna Olive Tree

Full 3D Relief - 3D Oil-Painted Art


Asmaul Husna (Allah’s Beautiful Names) are known as 99-names attributed to Allah in the Quran, hadith, or in both. Allah's Messenger () said, "God has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who memorized them all by heart will enter Paradise." To count something means to know it by heart -  Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 9, Book 93, Hadith 489. 

Examples of the names of Allah are as follows; Ar-Rahman (‘the most beneficent’, ‘the kindest and most giving’, ‘the most gracious’), Ar-Rahim (‘the most merciful’, ‘the most compassionate’), Al-Muhaymin (‘The Guardian’, ‘The Witness’, ‘The Overseer’), Al-Ghaffar (‘The All-Forgiving’), Al-Qahhar (‘The Conqueror’, ‘The Prevailer’), Al-Fattah (‘The Opener’, ‘The Revealer’, ‘The Granted of Success’), Al-Kareem (‘The Most Generous’, ‘The Most Bountiful’, ‘The Most Esteemed’), Al-Baseer (‘The All-Seeing’, ‘The All-Perceiving’, ‘The All-Comprehending’).

3-Dimensional Oil-Painted Art

This 3-dimensional wood carving is made entirely by our hands on a high grade teak wood and has intricate textured details of leaves, flowers, branches, and tree trunk, carefully hand-carved in a detailed layering process that allows each element to appear to stand freely.

Its natural oil-based painting makes it one of the rarest and most eye-catching pieces of art we have in our Islamic collection.

Modern Frame

Measuring 120cm (length) and 8cm (thick), the hand-carved 3 dimensional wood art of this Asmaul Husna - Olive Tree takes six months to complete and includes a modern natural finished frame.

This piece is a perfect choice for adding a spiritual and relief feeling in the living room, dining room or the lobby. It can also be a very special, precious gift for friends and family.