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Mahajati Bespoke Islamic Art - Company Profile

Established in 2017, Mahajati is a Singapore based company with woodworking, fulfilment and distribution subsidiaries located in Indonesia.

Mahajati primarily produce bespoke handmade wood art inspired by Arabic/Islamic calligraphy, cultural design motifs, objects of nature or anything unhindered by the limitations of wood-carving.

Our range of products include, but are not limited to items such as Mabkhara, Essential Oil Diffusers, Bakhoor Accessories, Carved-wood Accents for interior design, Art Centrepieces, City Skylines, Wedding Gifts, Wall Art, Rehal, Walking Cane and many other custom gift pieces.

In addition to e-commerce retail, Mahajati provides services to business partners in the form of product development, photography, videos and bulk production. Our existing list of corporate partners include distributors, retailers, showrooms, wedding planners and many small businesses within the gulf region. 

Unlike the fast-furniture industry, Mahajati chooses not to contribute towards the disparity of wealth and degradation of natural resources across the globe.

We choose to tackle these issues differently by focusing Our Work around Our Artists, Our Environment and Our Customers. God willing, we hope that our approach will create awareness and drive change on ethical wood harvesting, fair-trade practices, livelihoods of generational artisans and our environment.

We shall always strive towards a business model that centers around real people and the environment.
We tell this story so you understand that every piece you purchase from Mahajati is not just an art, but it has identity, meaning and purpose.

On a personal note, we would love to have you join our growing Mahajati family. We look forward to working with you.


Mohammad Mohdar