Surah Yaseen - Relief - 285cm Length x 145cm Height


Surah Yaseen is traditionally regarded as representative of the miraculous nature of the Qur'an. The surah presents key themes of the Qur'an, such as the sovereignty of God, the unlimited power of God as exemplified by His creations, Paradise, the ultimate punishment of nonbelievers, resurrection, the struggle of believers against polytheists and nonbelievers, the reassurance that the believers are on the right path, and that Muhammad was the greatest and the last messenger of Allah, amongst others.

Hand Carved Art

This calligraphy of Surah Yaseen is handmade via a technique known as relief carving. The process involves removing wood from a flat teak wood panel such that the calligraphic art appears to rise out of the wood. As wood is removed from the teak wood panel, the Ayat is raised from the background wood, and projects out slightly from the background.

The design at the edges of the wood panel are of vines of the Melati flower, indigenous to Indonesia. This unique and localized floral framing design honors the work of our Artisans and differentiate our art from other work that feature Surah Yaseen.

Modern Frame

Measuring 285cm (length) by 145cm (height), the hand-carved calligraphy of Surah Yaseen takes six months to complete and includes a modern walnut finished frame.

This very large piece of hand-carved art will be a great compliment to your home, office or for a gift for special occasions. Ideal for placement in your living room or office lobby.