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Floral Walking Cane - Chip Carving - 16.5cm x 95cm

Floral Walking Cane - Chip Carving - 16.5cm x 95cm

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Product Description:

This walking cane is classically rounded and decorated with delicate hand-carved embellishments which give elegance to this stylish Islamic cane. Made with two pieces of wood joint at the neck of the cane. You can see the effort done to get these perfect carves on all sides of the cane.

The teak wood material is very hard and tough. It's high abrasion resistance and durability makes it the perfect material for a walking cane. This fashionable and luxurious choice is sure to complement your lifestyle and wardrobe perfectly.

Cane Selection Guide:

Standing upright, with your arms to relaxed your sides, the distance from your wrist joint down to the floor shall be the correct cane height. Your cane height may vary by up to 2cm based on your personal preference and comfort level.

Product Features

  • High Grade Teak Wood
  • Environmentally Friendly PU Paint Coating
  • Matt Finish

Dimensions & Weight

W: 16.5cm, H: 95cm


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